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Live Canadian Nightcrawler Earthworm Pet Food & Fish Bait

from $11.65


  • Most popular Fish Bait for variety of fishing and terrific Pet Food

  • Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish and Birds all love to eat on these live feeders

  • Significantly fatter and larger than other earthworms (around diameter of pencil)

  • Easily secure to any fishing hook and remain alive for around 5 minutes submerged

  • Can grow up to 14″ – most are fully developed with some younger ones mixed in

  • Excellent source of protein and other nutrients that pets needs to flourish and develop

  • Can be kept a long time if kept cool and ventilated (around 40 degrees)

  • Movements great at attracting fish, perfect for Freshwater Fish such as Large-Mouth Bass, Trout, Catfish and many more


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