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The Cholla Wood has natural tannins that lower aquatic pH gradually and naturally! Cholla Wood is also a classic wood decoration for desert terrariums home to snakes, geckos, crabs, chameleons, bearded dragons, uromastyx and more. They even make natural perches for all birds.

Cholla Wood is actually a fallen desert cactus skeleton. The porous and fibrous texture attract shrimps and aquatic microfauna. They are naturally good anchors for growing aquatic plants and look very beautiful underwater.

For Aquariums: Recommended presoaking natural woods in a separate tub of water and changing the water daily. This can be done for up to two weeks and will help remove excess tannins, a non-toxic organic substance, that can dye your tank water a tea color. Use a clean brush to remove any extra debris and consider boiling the wood for one hour to sterilize before adding to your aquarium.


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