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Live Superworms Pet Reptile Feeders Large Alive Mega Worms

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  • Excellent Live Feeders for any Reptile, Amphibian and wild or domesticated birds

  • Since they are so active, they make great feeders for that love to hunt and chase their prey

  • Great source of calcium and bone health for your buddies

  • Kept in a substrate that acts as high value nutrition for your pets

  • Prefer warmer temps (68 – 80 degrees) – Prefer to mark package “HOLD AT PO” during cooler months (see shipping info below)

  • Can add moisture by adding cut carrots, orange cubes or fresh fruit/vegetables

  • Keep at room temperatures and dry at all times

  • 100% Organic, no additives

  • Check the bedding worms are kept in to keep from mod, exoskeletons, perished insects and extra food

  • Safe, Smart and Secure shipping to ensure your order arrives alive

  • Quick shipping


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