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Live Large Butterworms Living Insect Feeders Trevo Worms, Butter Worms

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ButterWorms (aka Trevo Worms) contain high amounts of calcium, protein and are composed mostly of water, offering great hydration to your animal.

  • ButterWorms are high in fat and nutritious caterpillars that are loved by Bearded Dragons, Lizards, Amphibians, Geckos, Turtles, Birds, Spiders and more

  • Nutrients: Water (58%), Protein (16%), Calcium (4.3 %) and higher in fat at 5.2%.

  • They are a great addition for a treat and LOVED by any small pet

  • Also make a fantastic fishing bait, especially colder water fish

– Butterworms should always be stored in the fridge, around 45 – 50 F.Make sure to keep them cool and dry


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